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Five Tips for Waste Disposal During Your Home Project

waste disposal

Most DIY projects or home renovations will produce a lot of rubbish and waste, some of it can be recycled but most of it can’t. From kitchen renovations to house extensions below are five tips for waste disposal during your home project that will take the stress away from getting rid of all your rubbish. Type Different projects will create different types of waste, so it is a good idea to gauge roughly how much waste you are going to accumulate. Many waste types from typical DIY projects, such as leftover paint and empty tins are not suitable for normal waste disposal and need to b...

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Where Did Skips Come From?


The traditional skip has been used for decades as a convenient way to dispose of waste and rubbish. But as you are throwing in your unwanted garden furniture or rubble from your latest renovation project did you ever wonder where the skip came from originally? Well, below we can answer that question and put your curiosity at rest. Mining industry Originally skips were used within the mining industry to transport and store raw materials and waste and were referred to as ‘skeps’. These specially designed carts were built from wood and steel and ran on a track system that could...

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Seven Reasons Why Skip Hire is Beneficial to the Environment and the Safety of Others

skip hire beneficial for environment

The build-up of waste in commercial and residential environments is inevitable. It doesn’t matter what the waste is - liquid or solid you will need to have a waste disposal strategy which is cost-efficient for your business. Below are seven reasons why skip hire is beneficial to the environment and the safety of others. 1. Eco-friendly Sadly not everyone will follow the rules when it comes to waste management and more often waste is dumped in the wrong places which is not only bad for the environment but it can put the safety of the general public at risk. With a skip hire com...

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What Happens to my Skip Waste?

skip waste sorting

If you’ve ever hired a skip, you’ll know that depending on its size it can hold a wide range of waste materials. From garden waste to mechanical parts there is no end to what you can get rid of. Once the skip is full and collected your job is done and you can forget about it. But have you ever wondered what happens to your skip waste once it leaves your drive? Landfill The idea that skip waste is taken to a huge landfill site and dumped is wrong. Skip companies are meticulous in making sure that as much of the waste is recycled as possible and if the company has access to a d...

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Five Benefits of Using a Professional Waste Disposal Service

professional waste disposal

One of the biggest problems today is the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfill. This practice is damaging to the environment and causing unnecessary pollution and contamination. More companies are now putting a greater emphasis on recycling to ensure their waste is disposed of correctly. Below are five great benefits of using a professional waste disposal service. 1. Cost effective If you’re running a business, then you want to be as cost effective as possible and you won’t want to spend large sums of money disposing of waste yourself. By hiring a professional waste...

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What You Should Know Before Hiring a Skip

hiring a skip

Present at almost every construction project, skips are an essential part of the build or refit lifecycle. But, when it comes to picking up one for yourself, it’s common to find yourself confused about how best to proceed. So, here are some essential questions - and answers - to help make the hiring process quick and simple. What should I know? Q. Can I put anything in a skip? Skips are used to store refuse, but there are a number of items that cannot be added to a skip. These include - Asbestos Products - Batteries - Medical waste and sharps - Gas canisters and...

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What Size Skip Do I Need?

skip sizes

Often overlooked when it comes to project management, finding the right skip to house your waste materials is essential. Securing the right disposal solution can save you time, effort, and stress – though it’s important to ensure that your unique needs are taken into consideration So, exactly what size of skip you need and what options are available to you? Why is it so important? Finding the right skip for your site is an essential part of project management. Selecting the correct size can help ensure that your project remains hassle free. And choosing a reliable provider ca...

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