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How to Efficiently Load Your Skip at Home

Loading Skip

Loading a skip isn’t just about throwing it in any old way, there is an art to maximising the space which will benefit you and make it easier when the skip hire company comes to collect it. Overfilling a skip can be a problem, not to mention dangerous.

If you load your skip incorrectly you could get charged a penalty or receive extra costs, you may even have to purchase a second skip. Below we look at the most efficient way to load your skip at home.


Before you start filling your skip you need to organise the materials you are disposing of. You can organise them into several categories such as flat items, bricks, and rubble (tessellate objects), large items and loose debris, doing this will make it easier to fill the skip.


The first items to go into the skip is anything flat such as doors, broken-down cupboards or old wardrobes, these can build the foundations for an efficiently filled skip. Don’t be afraid to climb into the skip to squash them down with your feet, just make sure you’ve removed all the nails and sharp objects first.

Bricks & paving stones

Next is the bricks and paving stones, if you’re good at jigsaws then you’re going to love this part. Try and fit the bricks together so that they take up as little space in the skip as possible. Creating an even surface will help with the next load of materials - the larger items.

Large items

Now you’ve created a sturdy base for the remainder of your items. Next to go in is the larger stuff like chairs, washing machines and tumble dryers. When these go in try and make sure they are as secure as possible, avoid stacking anything on top of each other.

Loose debris

Lastly in the loose debris and will be perfect for filling the final few gaps in the skip, make sure to use all available space and check that nothing is overflowing or looking like it will fall out when the skip hire company comes to collect it.

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