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Can I Put Garden Waste in My Skip?

Skip Garden Waste

The summer is one of the best times to work on the garden and while local councils offer roadside green waste collection it usually won’t be enough if you have large quantities of garden waste to get rid of. 

Therefore, hiring a skip is one the best solutions. Below are a few tips as well as what garden waste you can and cannot put in your skip.

Why should I hire a skip?

There are plenty of reasons to hire a skip including not having to make repeated trips to the tip in your own car. If you have a lot of soil, then a green waste bin will get incredibly heavy and may not get taken away.

The skip is a great one off solution which can be used over a long or short period depending on the size of the job at hand.

Another reason to hire a skip is that they are very cost effective as all you have to worry about is filling it - the collection is taken care of by the skip hire company.

What Garden Waste Can and Can’t Go in a Skip?

Most garden waste including soil, grass, wood, and other offcuts of trees, hedges and rubble can all go into the skip.

However, it is worth noting that there are a few things which some skip hire companies won’t take such as herbicides, solvents, paints, or garden appliances. 

The main reason is that some of these items are regarded as hazardous waste and will need to be disposed of professionally and ethically. 

If you’re not sure whether the garden waste you are disposing of can be taken away then get in contact us here and we’ll tell you. We can remove other materials such as tyres and electrical goods but there will be an additional charge.

How to Load Garden Waste into a Skip

Avoid overfilling your skip or just chucking in the waste any old way. In order to get the most out of your skip you need to maximise the space, this means you won’t have to hire another skip later down the line. Filling it correctly means the hire company can take it away safely.

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