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How Do I Hire a Skip?

Hire a Skip

Hiring a skip might sound easy but there are plenty of things to consider in order to make sure you hire the right one for the right job. Below are a few tips on how to hire a skip.


Skips come in a wide range of sizes depending on what you need them for and the amount of waste you want to get rid of. Choosing the right skip means a cost-effective solution for waste removal.

Skips for commercial use will generally be bigger as they have more waste to get rid of, whereas skips for residential use will be slightly smaller.

Hiring one that is too small could mean hiring another one, too big and you won’t get your money's worth. At United Junk we can help you in choosing the right skip for your budget - skips are generally measured in yards from 2 to 8.


The price of skip hire depends on the size, the bigger the skip the bigger the cost. The price will be down to how much waste a skip can hold, a 2-yard skip will cost £90 inc VAT while an 8-yard skip will cost £250 inc VAT.

Most skip hire companies will need to dispose of the waste in several ways including recycling, incineration, and landfill. Landfill tax isn’t cheap and as of 2019 it was nearly £100 per tonne, so non-recyclable waste can be costly.

Speak to an expert

Hiring a smaller skip won’t necessarily mean value for money either as you could misjudge the amount of waste you have to get rid of and you will have to hire another skip.

The best way to get the right skip for the right price is to get in touch with your local skip hire company. They will be able to help advise you on the right one for what you need.

They will also be able to help with organising a convenient place to deliver it and they can also help to organise a skip licence should you need to place it on the road if you don’t have a driveway.

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If you have any questions about the use of a skip or need to hire one, then get in touch with the team here at United Junk.

We have a wide range of skips in different sizes and all perfectly suited for the task at hand. We look forward to hearing from you!

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