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Should I Worry About a Weight Limit with My Skip?

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Skips come in a wide range of different sizes depending on what you need to get rid of and as such weight restrictions will apply.

These restrictions are generally not a worry for the average household as people don’t normally fill them with tonnes and tonnes of heavy waste. So, should you be worried about the weight limit with your skip?

Overloading the skip

One of the common reasons that people exceed the weight restrictions on a skip is when it is overloaded, this comes from making it too heavy with bricks, rubble, and garden waste. Skips while robust if too heavy can cause problems when they are collected and can damage the lorries.

How much is too much?

We’ve probably all seen what an overloaded skip looks like, waste overflowing or stacked far too high, all of which will affect the weight not too mention make it dangerous to transport.

But when is it too much, well, you shouldn’t exceed the walls of the skip? Most skips will have a clear and obvious fill line which is the upper limit, anything above that is going to be considered dangerous by the skip hire company when they come to collect it.

When you’re filling and loading your skip keep a close eye on the fill line, if it does look like it is going to go above it then you’ll need to take some stuff out and try and refill it.

How to avoid too much weight

Before loading your skip have a look at what you are putting in it, if it is mainly bricks, rocks and garden waste such as soil and grass the likelihood is that you’ll be close to the weight limit.

If you experience bad weather and the skip fills with water as grass and soil will absorb it all, then chances are you could significantly add more tonnage to the overall weight.

There are many ways to avoid too much weight by covering your skip with a tarpaulin during bad weather and efficiently filling the skip with flat items at the bottom.

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