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The Facts About Fly Tipping and What You Can Do About It

fly tipping

Fly tipping is the secret, illegal and completely reprehensible practice of disposing of unwanted rubbish by simply depositing it in the nearest public space. Often, fly-tipped waste will be dumped directly from the back of a lorry or van onto property that’s accessible to members of the general public. If you’ve ever witnessed a piece of fly-tipped waste you’ll know that it can be almost anything: old mattresses, broken tables, piles of wooden pallets and even old fridges are regularly discarded in this way. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t realise how da...

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Why Recycling is Important: The Hidden Costs of Waste

Why Recycling is Important | United Junk

Recycling is important for a number of reasons, but most people don’t think about the hidden costs of waste. Recycling prevents waste from entering the environment in the first place, and it makes sure that the waste we do produce gets used as efficiently as possible. Recycling is an important part of keeping the environment clean and healthy. When we don’t produce more waste than we can safely handle, we have to rely on other people to do our part. Recycling prevents waste from entering the environment in the first place, and it makes sure that the waste we do produce gets used as...

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Skip Hire for Clearing Out Your Office

Skip Hire for Clearing Out Your Office, office clear out, clearing out an office, how to clear out an office, skip hire stockport

It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to sorting through all of the clutter in your office. Depending on how much space you have, you could spend weeks simply reorganising the items in your home office. But what if there was another option? A skip hire for clearing out your office could be the answer. In this article, we take a look at how a skip hire in Stockport solution could help get you back on track. What is a Skip and Why Do You Need One? A skip is a large, waste-carrying container that you can hire for short- and long-term use. You can usually book a sk...

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7 Things To Clear Out Before The Summer

7 Things To Clear Out Before The Summer, house clear out, clearing out my house

The summer is here and with it comes the promise of days filled with adventure, fun, and of course, some relaxing time spent at the beach or the pool. However, with the promise of summer also comes the inevitable sense of pressure to get organised, clean out the house, and make sure you’re ready for the season ahead. To make sure that your home is in tip-top shape, there are seven things you should get rid of before the summer ends. From old furniture that no longer serves you, to old school habits, here are some of the things you should deliberately get rid of before the summer ends....

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How To Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Woman in a digger smiling. subject is skip hire benefiting eco friendly business

Ensuring that your business is eco-friendly in a word where services and goods are taken for granted and wasted should be a collective responsibility.  It is one of the most important decisions and responsibilities a Business should undertake to ensure that you and your company are leading a greener lifestyle.  If you are unsure of what steps or approaches you should take to ensure that your business is greener and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint, then follow this guide and we will help you on your way to transforming your business into a business that cares. Em...

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United Junk - Helping Customers With Garden Waste Removal

Specialist Skip Hire Stockport - find out now

As the summer months come closer and closer, it's normally the time to get on your gardening gloves and give your outdoor space a little TLC. Not much feels better on a hot day than working on your garden making it look for company, but what do you do with all the garden waste if there is too much for a bin? Well our small skip hire may just be the solution for you to complete your project with ease  Benefits of hiring skips for your small projects. Other than the countless trips to the tip that would need to be done and then having to clean out all the excess from your car ther...

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Best Ways To Reduce Commercial Waste Spending

Image of different coloured bins. two black ones, two brown ones and one blue one.

From small office jobs to large-scale projects, waste is always generated from one extent to another. This can be wasted/broken office equipment or debris from a demolition job. Due to the consistent push for a green initiative and the demand to find a sustainable way to remove excess waste, it is now essential to have a method of not only reducing the amount of waste but also disposing of it effectively and efficiently. 4 effective way to reduce commercial waste spending 1. Reuse  A simple method to reduce spending on waste disposal is to reduce the amount of waste tha...

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Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

There are alot of hazardous materials out there that you would think that would be perfectly fine putting straight into a skip and not having to think about it, this however is not always the case. There are a number of items that would need to be disposed of correctly at a landfill or your local waste sorting centre.  These items are classed as hazardous as they could not only have adverse effects on yourself, others around you but they could also have huge environmental repercussions. These items need to be closely monitored and made sure to be disposed of correctly before being toss...

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