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Reduce & Recycle Paper Waste Where You Can!

Recycle Paper Waste

Despite being in a digital age the need for paper is still high. From newspapers to magazines, wrapping paper to birthday and Christmas cards there is still a big dependency on it. However, do we really need to use as much paper as we do when most of it ends up in landfill damaging the environment. What is paper waste? The number of trees that are harvested to make paper is staggering and it has huge environmental ramifications. Most of it is used for packaging which in some cases probably isn’t necessary - you only must look in the average household's recycle bin to see just h...

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Five Tips for Waste Disposal During Your Home Project

waste disposal

Most DIY projects or home renovations will produce a lot of rubbish and waste, some of it can be recycled but most of it can’t. From kitchen renovations to house extensions below are five tips for waste disposal during your home project that will take the stress away from getting rid of all your rubbish. Type Different projects will create different types of waste, so it is a good idea to gauge roughly how much waste you are going to accumulate. Many waste types from typical DIY projects, such as leftover paint and empty tins are not suitable for normal waste disposal and need to b...

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Five Benefits of Using a Professional Waste Disposal Service

professional waste disposal

One of the biggest problems today is the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfill. This practice is damaging to the environment and causing unnecessary pollution and contamination. More companies are now putting a greater emphasis on recycling to ensure their waste is disposed of correctly. Below are five great benefits of using a professional waste disposal service. 1. Cost effective If you’re running a business, then you want to be as cost effective as possible and you won’t want to spend large sums of money disposing of waste yourself. By hiring a professional waste...

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