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What to Consider When Hiring a Skip in Bad Weather

Hire Skip Bad Weather

The weather isn’t always perfect when hiring a skip and if you are planning on hiring one during the winter then you might encounter bad weather. In this article we look at some of the key considerations when hiring a skip in bad weather.

Skip Lorry Access

One of the first considerations isn’t with the skip itself but the lorry that delivers it. Depending on where you live you need to make sure that the ground the skip is going to sit on doesn’t absorb a lot of water.

If it has rained the night before and the water has no runoff then the lorry might have some issues delivering the skip or positioning it where it needs to go.

While we have no control over the weather, letting the skip hire company know ahead of time if the ground or location is unsuitable means that they can better prepare and ensure the right vehicle is sent.

Cover the Skip

If there is a sudden downpour of rain and you already have a skip on site, then you need to make sure that it doesn’t fill up with rainwater.

This will only increase the overall weight of the skip, especially if it is full with waste. It will also mean that the vehicle sent to collect it won’t be able to lift it - the simple fix is to cover the skip with a tarpaulin.

Water Absorption

Autumn and winter is another popular time for skip hire but it comes with the risk of bad weather. If there has been a downpour then materials such as soil and grass will have absorbed the water making the skip even heavier.

At United Junk we have a great range of different sizes of skip, but it is still important to make sure your skip is covered during bad weather.

Other Bad Weather

Snow isn’t always a major issue, but it should still be a consideration when hiring a skip. It might be that roads are closed, or we are not able to gain access to the site.

On these occasions we may have to deliver the skip on an alternative day - but we make sure to give you plenty of warning and prior notice where we can.

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