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What Size Skip Do I Need?

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Often overlooked when it comes to project management, finding the right skip to house your waste materials is essential. Securing the right disposal solution can save you time, effort, and stress – though it’s important to ensure that your unique needs are taken into consideration So, exactly what size of skip you need and what options are available to you?

Why is it so important?

Finding the right skip for your site is an essential part of project management. Selecting the correct size can help ensure that your project remains hassle free. And choosing a reliable provider can help keep costs down while ensuring that you end up with an option that is right for the job. Failing to secure the right skip can result in a sever delays to a project. With an inability to remove materials, disposal trips become more frequent, and time spent organising a replacement can bring additional stress and prevent the build, clearance, or refit from completing on time.

What options are available?

If you are considering renting a skip for your project, some key options include:

2 Yard Skip: These are ideal for smaller domestic or commercial projects that require easy waste disposal. These can be great for smaller building projects or waste clearing from a home or rental property. Small, but robust and portable, these are a great first-stop solution at a competitive price point.

3 Yard and 3.5 Yard Skips: Perfect for more demanding projects, 3 and 3.5 yard skips can be deployed in situations where storage and access may be an issue. This makes them a perfect option for more concise jobs that would require complex disposal or removal work. If excess waste is a concern, upgrading to a 3.5 model can help ensure that you have the capacity that you need.

4 Yard Skip: Containing around 30 full bags of refuse, 4 yards are ideal for clearance or refit projects – letting you dispose of waste with speed and efficiency. This type of unit is particularly useful for garden renovation work or complex refits such as bathrooms, wet rooms, and more.

8 Yard Skip: Perfect for demanding refurbishments and refits, an 8 yard model contains enough space to cope with a full home renovation while remaining cost effective. This also allows for comprehensive commercial refit work such as an office redesign or a site-specific refit. With the capacity for up to 80 bags of refuse, this provides peace of mind when it matters most.

What Next?

If you want to learn more about managing your site or project, our team at United Junk are here to help. With years of experience providing care to customers and clients, we understand the importance of providing disposal solutions when it truly matters most. You can view our full range of services from here. Or, if you want to learn more, you can contact us directly and let our team know exactly what you need to make the most of our service.

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