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What Happens to the Items in My Skip?

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If you’ve ever hired a skip to dispose of your waste, you probably haven’t given much thought to what happens to it when the skip hire company comes to take it away. In this article we provide some insight into what happens to the items in your skip?

Landfill Sites

With millions of skips hired every day it is the job of the skip hire company to make waste disposal as convenient and as ethical as possible.

A lot of skip hire companies follow strict processes when it comes to waste disposal. Here at United Junk, we offer a zero to landfill policy with our on-site, modern picking station facility.

We ensure that any waste sent to us is organised & recycled to government guidelines, with zero damage to the environment.

Sorting the Waste

Waste is disposed of in different ways but first it needs to be sorted into categories to make sure that it is disposed of in the right way. The sorting process starts at the transfer centre and where it is tipped into a larger pile.

From there it is sorted into the right categories. Larger items are removed and are sorted separately while the remaining waste is sorted using several different methods including by hand and mechanical sorting equipment. 

The sorting method is vital to the overall disposal of the waste as it can determine what needs to be destroyed and what can be recycled.

Garden waste can be used for compost and put back into the garden while building materials such as bricks and concrete can be crushed and reused as material for future building projects.

Some waste can even be turned into energy that can generate heat and electricity - so you see there is a lot more to the waste you dispose of than you might think.

Ethical disposal

The amount of waste that is being dumped in landfill sites is staggering and it takes a lot longer for some of the waste to break down meaning it can stay within the environment for years to come. 

By working with an ethical skip hire company, you are helping to ensure that this doesn’t happen and that all the waste is disposed of in the right way.

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