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The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Skip In Manchester

The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Skip In Manchester

If you’re looking to clear out some space in your home, office or warehouse then hiring a skip could be the perfect solution. A skip hire company will come and collect your waste, loading it all into an enclosed metal skip that they leave on your property for a few hours. Once full, they’ll return to pick up the skip and take it away again, leaving you with a clean site once again. If you’re not sure if renting out a skip is right for you, read on for our top five reasons why getting a skip is ideal in Manchester...


The Right Size For Your Waste

Before you hire a skip, you should first decide what size you need. There’s no point hiring a huge skip if all you need to clear out is a small amount of garden waste. The skip size you need will depend on what you’re dumping in it, as well as where you plan to put the skip. If you’re hiring a skip for home use, it’s important to find out whether your local council will let you have one on your property. Some councils don’t allow residents to have skips on their driveways or gardens, in which case you could hire a mini skip or a wheelie bin instead.


It’s Affordable

When hiring a skip, you’ll have to pay a one-off fee that will cover the cost of the skip rental and its delivery. You’ll also have to pay an applicable council fee to have it placed on your property. If you’re hiring a skip for a one-off job, then it’s probably best to hire a mini skip. These are smaller than the average size and are usually cheaper to hire. On average, a standard mini skip can cost as little as £45. If you’re hiring a skip on a more permanent basis, you might benefit from hiring a larger skip. Larger skips are usually more affordable than smaller skips. A standard skip that’s 6 cubic yards in size could cost anywhere between £100 and £200 per month.



One of the main benefits of renting a skip is that it’s super convenient. You can book a skip at any time of day or night, on any day of the week. There’s no need to plan to do your waste disposal at a time that suits your council’s waste collection. You’ll also have the flexibility to book a skip for as long or as short a period as you need. You could hire a skip for just a few hours if you’re clearing out a small amount of waste. Alternatively, if you have a lot of waste that needs disposal, you can book a skip for several months at a time.


No more strain on your equipment

If you’re clearing out your garden shed or an office that’s being refurbished, you might be worried about how you’re going to get rid of all the waste. If you hire a skip, you’ll not need to worry about clearing it out later on. The skip provider will take care of everything. You won’t have to strain yourself lifting heavy items, such as bricks and wood, into wheelie bins or council collection points. If you’re clearing out your home and renting a mini skip, then you’ll be able to throw the waste into the skip with ease. However, if you’re clearing out a larger space such as a garden shed and hiring a standard skip, you may find that things get a little more tricky. You may have to break down larger items so that they’ll fit into the skip.


Get rid of waste fast

If you’re hiring a skip for a renovation or building job, you may have to keep it on-site for several weeks. If you hire a skip for a few weeks, you may have to wait a long time for the skip company to pick up the skip again. If you hire a mini skip, it may be collected sooner than a standard skip, as mini skips are collected every week. Some standard skips may be collected every two weeks, meaning that you may have to wait a long time for your skip to be collected. You may also have to pay a deposit for the skip, which you’ll lose if you don’t schedule the skip’s removal.



If you’re planning on doing some DIY or have a few home renovations coming up, hiring a skip could be the ideal solution. Unlike hiring a skip, you’ll have to wait for a council to come around to collect your waste. And unlike hiring a skip, you won’t be able to pick up the waste at your convenience; you’ll have to wait for the council to come when they’re open. If you’re hiring a skip permanently, you may even be able to claim back some of the costs from your renovation or DIY project. In conclusion, the best reason to hire a skip is that it’s convenient. You can hire a skip for a few hours or several months, and you can use it for almost any kind of waste.


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