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How To Avoid Overloaded Skips: Ways to Reduce the Risk of Your Skip Being Overloaded

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When you’re hiring a skip service, you might be wondering if your skip will be overloaded. This term is used to describe when the skip is filled with too many items that are not upright. This can make it difficult for other items to fit into the skip and make it harder for the skip to close securely. The risk of being overloaded is increased as you increase your skip’s size.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid overloaded skips. Here are some suggestions that might help.

Make sure you hire the right skip

The first step you can take to avoid an overloaded skip is to hire the right skip. You can do this by checking the skip’s size. Skips come in many shapes and sizes and are normally able to suit most jobs. However, there is always room for negotiation. If you hire a skip that is too small, you run the risk of it getting filled to the brim.

While it’s important to hire a skip that is the right size, you also need to make sure that the skip holds the appropriate amount of items. This is because you don’t want to overload the skip. Overloading skips can lead to several issues.

Factor in the weight of the items

Next, you must factor in the weight of the items you are moving. This is because the heavier the items, the more likely it is that the skip will get filled to the brim.

If you clearing a garden for a Landscaping project, you can probably ignore this. However, if you are moving furniture from a house, you must factor in the items’ weight.

You can do this by taking note of object that have their weight displayed on the product. This will help you to keep track of the items’ weight. You can also speak to the skip company about using a skip that is too heavy.

Don’t overstuff your skip

If you are sending a lot of lightweight items, you don’t need to fill your skip to the brim. However, make sure you don’t overstuff it either. Overstuffing a skip can lead to issues. One of these issues is that it makes the skip hard to close. This can make it harder for your skip to be delivered to the skip collection point. Another issue that can occur if you overstuff your skip is that the skip’s driver might refuse to take the skip.

Order An Extra Skip

Finally, if you are certain that your skip is going to be overloaded, you can order an extra skip. This can help you avoid being overloaded. You can do this by hiring a second skip company. The second skip can be used for items that won’t fit into the other skip.

If you are hiring a second skip, you should make sure that the new skip is very large. This is because the larger the skip, the less likely it is that it will get filled to the brim.

Final Words

Hiring a skip is a great way to make use of one of your most valuable assets: your skip. However, you need to take some steps to make sure that your skip doesn’t get overloaded. This can happen and cause your skip to become damaged. If you want to avoid this, make sure you hire a skip that is the right size and don’t overstuff your items. You can also order an extra skip to use if you are certain that your skip will be overloaded.

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