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A build up of household items is usually inevitable and leads many to throw their stuff in the bin and never give it a second thought, there are a few other options you may want to consider before doing that as many of these items are wasted everyday and could easily be put to better use, and if they can we offer skip hire services across manchester and stockport to better aid you and your needs.

Donate all things that can be donated 

Donating items to charity shops is a great way to support charities and local people by giving back to the community. Items like coffee tables and clothes can easily be cleaned and given away for someone else to buy cheaper than retail, whilst at the same time funding for great causes, such as the RSPCA, Cancer Research and British Red Cross. 

Sell on marketplaces e.g facebook, ebay

Selling items on websites such as facebook, gumtree and ebay is another great way of getting more usage out of the typical items people tend to throw away. Some people even put their items up for free on facebook if they find it to be easier to get rid of something they were only going to waste. 

Waste removal services (skips)

We here at United Junk Skip Hire Ltd are the North West’s leading waste management company, specialising in Skip Hire & Waste Disposal. We have our own recycling facility and make sure as much of your waste is processed as efficiently and safely as possible. If you are looking for quality Waste Bag & Skip Hire in Greater Manchester, look no further.. contact us today!

Giving away to family and friends

There are two reasons why this is a great option. Firstly, asking them if they want any items that you were going to throw out, such as a wardrobe, an old bed or even clothes that no longer fit, can prove a great way of limiting waste going out of your house. Secondly, asking if they want to share a Waste removal service like ours and hiring out a bigger skip if they are in the same or similar situation as yourself can prove to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the use of a skip or need to hire one, then get in touch with the team here at United Junk. We have a wide range of skips in different sizes, and all perfectly suited for the task at hand. We look forward to hearing from you!

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