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Five Important Safety Tips When Hiring a Skip

Skip hire safety

At United Junk safety is our main priority and it is our job to ensure that when it comes to domestic skip hire our customers know exactly what they need to do when receiving a skip. In this article we look at five important safety tips when hiring a skip.

1. Public safety

Much of the preparation when hiring a skip comes with making sure that the location where it needs to be delivered is safe and secure. If you don’t have a driveway and it needs to be located on a public road you will need to notify us as you will need to have a permit as well as the right safety equipment - we can help you with all of this.

2. Delivery of the skip

It is important to make sure that the delivery driver has all the information needed to position the skip correctly and in the right place. Make sure there are no obstructions and that no one is in the vicinity when the skip arrives. Once in place it will be very hard (almost impossible) to move the skip by yourself.

3. Load responsibly

When it comes to filling the slip there is a tendency to throw it in any old way - this will cause problems when it’s collected. Start by loading the heavier items first followed by the smaller materials and fill any gaps - usually with soil if you’re undertaking a garden clearance.

4. Don’t overfill it

The contents of a skip should not be filled past the sides and doing so can be dangerous, also the skip hire company can refuse to take it away if it is overfilled. Always assess how much waste you might have before hiring the skip, at United Junk we can help advise you on the right size for the task.

5. Hazardous waste

If you have any hazardous waste this cannot go into the skip. Hazardous items have their own rules and guidelines when it comes to their disposal for example flammable liquids or items that contain asbestos will need to be handled by specialists. You can find a list of the hazardous items here - or speak to one of the United Junk team.

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