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Five Benefits of Using a Professional Waste Disposal Service

professional waste disposal

One of the biggest problems today is the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfill. This practice is damaging to the environment and causing unnecessary pollution and contamination. More companies are now putting a greater emphasis on recycling to ensure their waste is disposed of correctly. Below are five great benefits of using a professional waste disposal service. 1. Cost effective If you’re running a business, then you want to be as cost effective as possible and you won’t want to spend large sums of money disposing of waste yourself. By hiring a professional waste...

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What You Should Know Before Hiring a Skip

hiring a skip

Present at almost every construction project, skips are an essential part of the build or refit lifecycle. But, when it comes to picking up one for yourself, it’s common to find yourself confused about how best to proceed. So, here are some essential questions - and answers - to help make the hiring process quick and simple. What should I know? Q. Can I put anything in a skip? Skips are used to store refuse, but there are a number of items that cannot be added to a skip. These include - Asbestos Products - Batteries - Medical waste and sharps - Gas canisters and...

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What Size Skip Do I Need?

skip sizes

Often overlooked when it comes to project management, finding the right skip to house your waste materials is essential. Securing the right disposal solution can save you time, effort, and stress – though it’s important to ensure that your unique needs are taken into consideration So, exactly what size of skip you need and what options are available to you? Why is it so important? Finding the right skip for your site is an essential part of project management. Selecting the correct size can help ensure that your project remains hassle free. And choosing a reliable provider ca...

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Why might I need a skip?

need skip hire

Do you have major renovation works in your home that could result in the accumulation of lots of waste? One of the easiest ways to dispose of the waste is to hire a skip. You will clear your compound of all waste and debris using little energy, money, and time. The following are the reasons why you might need a skip: 1. Home Renovations When the time comes for you to revamp or renovate your home, you will need a skip to manage the resultant waste. During home renovations, you are likely to tear down walls and other structural details. The result of the large-scale destruction would be th...

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Why Specialist Skip Hire

Why do you need skip hire from a Specialist Skip Hire Stockport supplier - find out now

Skip hire is a fantastic way to dispose of a vast variety of different types of rubbish. Clearing out both home and commercial rubbish has been made much easier by hiring a skip which lets you dispose of those thighs that are not needed. Here at United Junk we are long established Skip hire Stockport specialists.   As skip hire specialists with years of experience we are asked a great deal of questions when it comes to skip hire and waste. Rest assured our team here in Manchester is at hand to answer your questions.  For example certain things such as Asbestos are require...

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Welcome to United Junk Skip Hire Ltd.

Welcome to United Junk Skip Hire Stockport

Welcome to United Junk Ltd’s brand new website.. United Junk is a family run waste transfer station based in Bredbury. We offer weighbridge tipping facilities & skip hire service. Same day delivery & collection, text to collect service… We also offer ton bags to deposit your waste, these are flexible which makes them easy to store at your home or place of work. We also offer a wait while you load service, so if you want the waste off site within the hour simply call , we’ll come to your destination, load up the skip and take your waste back to site to be put through...

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United Junk @ The Alex Hulme Foundation

United Junk Skip Hire Stockport Specialists

On Friday 10th May United Junk Ltd attending a charity night in aid of The Alex Hulme Foundation, we donated 1 week’s hire of a maxi skip & a crate of fosters… We also bid in the auction to win a signed Manchester United football… even signed by Fergie himself  We won the ball @ £400 all proceeds to The Alex Hulme Foundation, on that night alone over £3000 was raised towards Alex’s legacy! What a fantastic result.. The Alex Hulme Foundation was formed as a legacy to Alex in recognition of the courage & bravery he showed during his illness...

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