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Reduce & Recycle Paper Waste Where You Can!

Recycle Paper Waste

Despite being in a digital age the need for paper is still high. From newspapers to magazines, wrapping paper to birthday and Christmas cards there is still a big dependency on it. However, do we really need to use as much paper as we do when most of it ends up in landfill damaging the environment. What is paper waste? The number of trees that are harvested to make paper is staggering and it has huge environmental ramifications. Most of it is used for packaging which in some cases probably isn’t necessary - you only must look in the average household's recycle bin to see just h...

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Five Important Safety Tips When Hiring a Skip

Skip hire safety

At United Junk safety is our main priority and it is our job to ensure that when it comes to domestic skip hire our customers know exactly what they need to do when receiving a skip. In this article we look at five important safety tips when hiring a skip. 1. Public safety Much of the preparation when hiring a skip comes with making sure that the location where it needs to be delivered is safe and secure. If you don’t have a driveway and it needs to be located on a public road you will need to notify us as you will need to have a permit as well as the right safety equipment - we ca...

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What Happens to the Items in My Skip?

recycled waste

If you’ve ever hired a skip to dispose of your waste, you probably haven’t given much thought to what happens to it when the skip hire company comes to take it away. In this article we provide some insight into what happens to the items in your skip? Landfill Sites With millions of skips hired every day it is the job of the skip hire company to make waste disposal as convenient and as ethical as possible. A lot of skip hire companies follow strict processes when it comes to waste disposal. Here at United Junk, we offer a zero to landfill policy with our on-site, moder...

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Why Can Chemicals and Other Items be Dangerous in a Skip?

Skip Hazards

Hiring a skip is an efficient and convenient way of disposing of your waste and while you may think that any sort of rubbish can go in it there are a few hazardous items that can’t. In this blog we look at why chemicals and other items can be dangerous in a skip. What is Hazardous Waste? There are many different classifications and definitions of hazardous waste so it is important to understand what these are, and which skip hire companies will take them. The definition of hazardous waste is any materials that have a harmful or detrimental effect to humans and wildlife. What are...

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What to Consider When Hiring a Skip in Bad Weather

Hire Skip Bad Weather

The weather isn’t always perfect when hiring a skip and if you are planning on hiring one during the winter then you might encounter bad weather. In this article we look at some of the key considerations when hiring a skip in bad weather. Skip Lorry Access One of the first considerations isn’t with the skip itself but the lorry that delivers it. Depending on where you live you need to make sure that the ground the skip is going to sit on doesn’t absorb a lot of water. If it has rained the night before and the water has no runoff then the lorry might have some issues...

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What Should You Say If Your Neighbours Ask to Use Your Skip?

Skip Waste

Having a skip on your drive can be seen as an opportunity to dispose of waste - in some cases this waste might not be able to be collected by the skip hire company. Here at United Junk, we highlight a few reasons why it's bad for someone else to put rubbish in your skip.  Who is Responsible for Skip Waste? Once the skip has been delivered it is your responsibility and that includes what waste goes in it. Fly tipping is common and if someone dumps their waste in your skip they could be fined if you have proof such as from CCTV footage. Additional Costs As you are the one wh...

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Can I Put Garden Waste in My Skip?

Skip Garden Waste

The summer is one of the best times to work on the garden and while local councils offer roadside green waste collection it usually won’t be enough if you have large quantities of garden waste to get rid of.  Therefore, hiring a skip is one the best solutions. Below are a few tips as well as what garden waste you can and cannot put in your skip. Why should I hire a skip? There are plenty of reasons to hire a skip including not having to make repeated trips to the tip in your own car. If you have a lot of soil, then a green waste bin will get incredibly heavy and may not get...

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