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Can I Put Garden Waste in My Skip?

Skip Garden Waste

The summer is one of the best times to work on the garden and while local councils offer roadside green waste collection it usually won’t be enough if you have large quantities of garden waste to get rid of.  Therefore, hiring a skip is one the best solutions. Below are a few tips as well as what garden waste you can and cannot put in your skip. Why should I hire a skip? There are plenty of reasons to hire a skip including not having to make repeated trips to the tip in your own car. If you have a lot of soil, then a green waste bin will get incredibly heavy and may not get...

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How to Efficiently Load Your Skip at Home

Loading Skip

Loading a skip isn’t just about throwing it in any old way, there is an art to maximising the space which will benefit you and make it easier when the skip hire company comes to collect it. Overfilling a skip can be a problem, not to mention dangerous. If you load your skip incorrectly you could get charged a penalty or receive extra costs, you may even have to purchase a second skip. Below we look at the most efficient way to load your skip at home. Organise Before you start filling your skip you need to organise the materials you are disposing of. You can organise them into se...

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Should I Worry About a Weight Limit with My Skip?

skip Weight Limit

Skips come in a wide range of different sizes depending on what you need to get rid of and as such weight restrictions will apply. These restrictions are generally not a worry for the average household as people don’t normally fill them with tonnes and tonnes of heavy waste. So, should you be worried about the weight limit with your skip? Overloading the skip One of the common reasons that people exceed the weight restrictions on a skip is when it is overloaded, this comes from making it too heavy with bricks, rubble, and garden waste. Skips while robust if too heavy can cause p...

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How Do Skip Fires Happen?

Skip fires

While it is less common for a skip fire to occur during the damp and colder weather there is still a risk. During the hot dry spells of summer, this risk becomes greater. In this article, look at how skip fires can happen, and the steps needed to avoid them. Dry Debris If you have placed debris inside your skip that has the potential to catch fire, there are a few precautions you can take such as covering it with a tarpaulin or sheet. If you’ve been doing some garden maintenance then any dry sticks, wood or leaves can act as tinder and will catch fire quickly - the tarpaulin wil...

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Will a Skip Ruin My Driveway?

skip on driveway

Skips come in all different shapes and sizes and the thought of putting something of that size on your well-kept driveway might make you a bit nervous - rest assured nothing is safer. In this article, we answer the question ‘will a skip ruin my driveway?’ Will It Ruin My Driveway? At United Junk, we take great pride and care when placing our skips on your driveway. We always ensure that when unloading it from the back of the lorry we minimise any movement to avoid scuffing, scratching or chipping your driveway. If need be, we will set the skip on planks of wood to stop tha...

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Where Should I Place My Skip?

skip placing

If you are hiring a skip for your next renovation project, new house build or yearly garden clear up to make sure you check first where you can put it. The last thing you want is a fine because it is in the wrong place. Skips come with some restrictions as to where you can put them, so here is a quick guide. Private land? Most people if they have space will put their skip on the driveway or area of their own private land. There are restrictions, however, if you intend to put it on a public road. You are not allowed to put a skip on the pavement, but with a licence, you can put it on a pu...

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How Do We Keep Our Skips Maintained?

skips maintained

The waste industry is one of the most productive in the UK and skips are used daily, both domestically and commercially. This means that they are subjected to everything from the weather to everyday wear and tear. To prolong their life, they must be properly maintained. Below is how we keep our skips maintained all year round at United Junk. Harsh weather Skips are used all year round and they must battle the elements being most vulnerable to the different weather conditions. Most of the time they are outside which means they are susceptible to rain, harsh winds, and heat during the...

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Nine Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Skip


You might think that a skip gives you free rein to throw anything away, wrong. While materials like soil, bricks, wood, and glass are more than acceptable, there are some items such as flammable, hazardous, or cumbersome materials that you should never put into a skip. These must be disposed of in other ways - below we list nine things you should never put into a skip. 1. Batteries Batteries contain harmful chemicals that can leak and contaminate the rest of the waste. They can also be dangerous to skip handlers. Batteries should be recycled through WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic...

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