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What impact has lockdown had on household waste?

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Lockdown has affected people in a massive variety of ways and has caused problems across all sectors of business and people's lives, such as healthcare, education and retail. But how has this had an effect on household waste? And how can our services of skip hire across manchester and stockport be useful to you?

People haven't been able to get to the tips

Lockdown has prevented people from being able to leave the house in order to get to a tip to get rid of excess waste, this problem has been further escalated by tips temporarily closing down due to government guidelines. This has had a knock on effect now that restrictions have been drastically eased. Tips are used not only by the general public but by people that are in trades such as plumbing, construction and many others, this impacted them as they had nowhere to put the waste generated from their jobs.

People have panic bought items 

Household waste has increased for a plethora of reasons, one of these is due to the panic buying pandemic that swept the nation, there were months where basic necessities were not accessible owing to people believing in mass hysteria that these items would not be available for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of these items were perishable, which means that some of these items were thrown out due the excess they had of it.

Higher packed food consumption 

People in general are trying to eat healthier on a day to day basis, this was tested during lockdown as these items have a limited shelf life and were not available on shelves for periods of time. This was partially due to the limited options for food due to panic buying but also because packed items simply last longer.

Less waste collections and tips were appointment based

Lockdown has impacted when the “Bin-men” were able to remove your waste such as general waste, garden waste and recycling. This posed an issue for people who relied on this service. With the tips being closed also, knock-on effects re-occurred. The lack of bin collections did not just affect household waste it also affected bigger industrial collection from places such as warehouses and big venues. The issue was not limited to non-recyclables either.

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