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What Happens to my Skip Waste?

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If you’ve ever hired a skip, you’ll know that depending on its size it can hold a wide range of waste materials. From garden waste to mechanical parts there is no end to what you can get rid of. Once the skip is full and collected your job is done and you can forget about it. But have you ever wondered what happens to your skip waste once it leaves your drive?


The idea that skip waste is taken to a huge landfill site and dumped is wrong. Skip companies are meticulous in making sure that as much of the waste is recycled as possible and if the company has access to a dedicated waste transfer station then the likelihood is that it will be recycled responsibly. But to get to this stage the waste must go through a sorting process.


Once the skip is taken away the waste is sorted into different categories where the larger waste is removed, and the remainder of the waste is processed by its type. Building debris will be crushed while scrap metal is stripped down into subcategories based on metal type. The reason for this method is to prepare the waste for its final recycling stage where the majority will be recycled into different products.


The sorting of waste is very much about recycling and salvaging as much of it as possible. Processed waste will be recycled while scrap metal will be sent to manufacturers to be reused, timber follows the same way and reused in a variety of different ways such as building and mechanical projects.


There is a big emphasis on the environment with businesses and the public taking more responsibility in making sure that they recycle in the right way. Taking skip waste and dumping it on a landfill site is going to become a thing of the past as more people are aware of the dangers that this is doing to the environment.

Skip companies are helping to dispose of waste in a more ethical way which in the long term will help to protect the environment. Many materials that are dumped in landfill sites are not able to decompose and as such can be left for years and will contribute to the world's pollution.

Choosing the right skip company

With so many skip waste companies out there, you need to make sure you are choosing the right one as some are solely focussed on the hire rates and less about the disposal methods. If you are keen to hire a skip or find one that is right for your project, the team of dedicated professionals at United Junk are here to help.

We have over nine years’ experience providing support to a range of sectors and we understand the importance of making professional skip hire as reliable and stress-free as possible. You can view our full range of rental options from here and you can contact us here for more information or to make a booking.

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