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Planning a pre-Christmas clear-out?

Why is United Junk the Best Skip Hire Stockport Company

Christmas is soon upon us and it has come around fast, it's the time of the year for giving and spending time eating some good food, festive cheer and of course the abundance of trash that builds up from all the gift wrap, old clothes that have since been replaced and cardboard boxes torn apart from excited children (and some adults) in a frenzy to get to their perfect gifts and socks. 

This is the five best tips and practices for planning a pre-christmas clear-out


Planning makes perfect

Sticking to a plan can be more of a task sometimes than the actual task at hand, it's important to remember that a good plan if followed usually yields good results. That is why organising and designating tasks can make light work. We know sometimes it can be hard to let go of items you are fond of but when it comes to making sure you don't become overwhelmed under mountains of socks with holes in them it's definitely worth it. 

Think Green

Save the planet in the areas that you can control. Old clothes can go to clothing banks and charity shops, separate out what can be recycled and what cant be recycled, throw out the old jam jars that are collecting at the back of the fridge and give your house a completely new look with some dusting and carpet cleaning

Radio in for back up

Friends and family can be an untapped resource of cheap labour, entice them in with a Pizza, BBQ or Pocket-Money can be a sure fire way of getting the help your home may be begging for and give it a new lease of life and smelling good when you home is heaving with the christmas spirit

Out with the old in with the new

We strongly recommend here at United Junk hiring a skip for the next few tasks, this is because the amount of household items that you think can be thrown tends to be doubled when you get in the clearance mood. Removing old unwanted drawers that are falling apart, old toys that have worked for years and clothes that have seen better days can be thrown in a skip that we will deliver to you with our fast and responsive service

Dont forget the outside

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, pull out the weeds that are sprouting between the paving slabs. Throw away those old footballs that have been left punctured deflated in the back garden since the summer, you can hire a skip and throw it all in there and we will sort out the rest

Have fun 

This last point is to make sure that you make this fun rather than a chore. Everyone will benefit from this.

Contact us 

f you have any questions about the use of a skip or need to hire one, then get in touch with the team here at United Junk. We have a wide range of skips in different sizes, and all perfectly suited for the task at hand. We look forward to hearing from you!

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