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How to Prevent Your Skip from Overflowing

Prevent Skip from Overflowing

When you hire a skip there is a tendency to throw anything and everything that you want to get rid of, the danger of this is that it will overflow.

When the skip hire company comes to take it away, they may refuse to remove it until some of the contents has been removed in order to transport it safely to the waste dept. Below are a few ways to prevent your skip from overflowing.

Loading the Skip

The best way to avoid overflowing your skip is to assess how much waste you must get rid of. Depending on what you need the skip for one way is to pile all the waste in an available space and then work out the correct size of skip needed - this way there is no danger of it overflowing.

Another benefit of doing it this way is that when the skip arrives you have all the waste ready to put into the skip and that means it won’t become a target for opportunistic fly-tippers. When packing the skip make sure you use all available space and packed in down securely where you can.

Load the Skip Evenly

Depending on your waste it is a good idea to lay all the flat items at the bottom of the skip to use all the available space. The flat waste can lay the foundation for the heavier more bulky items. Lastly, use any smaller waste and debris to fill any holes or cracks.

Make sure that the waste in the skip is below the edges of the skip and that nothing looks like it will fall out when it is removed and in transit to the waste depot. Secure any loose items that look like they could move when the skip is being transported.

Do Not Overload the Skip

Planning is key when using a skip, if you don’t and just throw everything in any old way then you’ll overload it. You need to monitor the fill line closely as piling everything too high will be against the skip company’s policies and regulations.

You can be clever and raise the fill line but placing larger planks or doors around the edges might give you some more space. However, this isn’t strictly legal, and you might not get away with it if the skip hire company thinks it is unsafe when they come to collect it.

Safe and Legal Skip Hire

Making the most of your skip is important if you are working to a budget. If you don’t plan as mentioned above, you could find yourself needing to hire more skips to get the job done.

Overflowing your skip puts you another at risk, so if you are unsure what size you need or need some advice on how to fill it correctly then speak to a skip hire an expert.

If you have any questions about the use of a skip or need to hire one, then get in touch with the team here at United Junk. We have a wide range of skips in different sizes and all perfectly suited for the task at hand. We look forward to hearing from you!

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