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How Do We Keep Our Skips Maintained?

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The waste industry is one of the most productive in the UK and skips are used daily, both domestically and commercially. This means that they are subjected to everything from the weather to everyday wear and tear. To prolong their life, they must be properly maintained. Below is how we keep our skips maintained all year round at United Junk.

Harsh weather

Skips are used all year round and they must battle the elements being most vulnerable to the different weather conditions. Most of the time they are outside which means they are susceptible to rain, harsh winds, and heat during the summer months. Rain and damp weather is another big problem and will cause skips to rust leaving them in an unhealthy and sometimes unusable state.

Wear and tear

It’s not just the weather that can cause a skip to degrade, ones that are used on building sites can be subjected to the rough ground which causes significant wear and tear. Large amounts of industrial material that are placed inside a skip can be heavy which can dent them  - they can also be damaged by lorries or forklifts that scrape them by mistake.

The contents

There are certain things that will cause significant damage to skip and there are certain types of materials that should never be put in them. Hazardous and toxic materials, gas canisters, gas bottles, fridges, freezers and air conditioning units are just a few of the things that should be avoided as they could do serious damage.

Regular maintenance

At United Junk, we ensure that all our skips are looked after and maintained to a high standard so that they are up to the job for each one of our customers. We understand that over time and with continued use skips will eventually need to be replaced. But by servicing them regularly we can make sure that we prolong their life span a little longer.

How do we treat them?

When our skips come back into the shop, they are checked over to make sure there is no visible damage. While cosmetic damage is easy to repair such as a paint job or jet wash, they may require welding. This is to cure signs of rust or accidental damage from any of the above factors.

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