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Five Ways to Prevent Unauthorised Skip Usage

Prevent Unauthorised Skip Usage

Using a skip is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to dispose of waste and rubbish. However, as they are left out in the open it is the perfect opportunity for other people to take advantage of them and dump their own waste. Below are five ways to prevent unauthorised skip usage.

Out of sight

The best way to stop unauthorised skip usage and fly-tipping is to place the skip out of sight. Of course, for the average homeowner, this might not be possible if you own a small garden, in which case it must be located at the front. But if you are a business you can place the skip on private property as it would be illegal for anyone to set foot on your premises.

Skip cover

If your skip is placed on the front of your home or place of business, then this is just inviting unauthorised access for people to dump their waste. It also means that you may have to sift through the skip to remove anything that is unsuitable or cannot be recycled. A skip cover is one of the best ways to safeguard your skip and is a piece of tarp that is secured to the skip meaning other people will not be able to dump their waste in it.

Motion sensor lights

Most people who dump their waste illegally do it under the cover of darkness which is where the use of motion sensor lights can be an effective deterrent. Depending on the strength and brightness of the light and how sensitive the motion sensor is, the light will be bright enough to alert people in the surrounding areas to catch the perpetrators red-handed.

Fill it

Neighbours can't dump their stuff in your skip if it is already full. Arrange for the skip hire service to deliver your skip when you are ready to fill it up with waste. If you leave a skip sitting empty on the street for days while you get your renovation project started, your neighbours may take advantage and fill it up themselves.


The best strategy is to let your neighbours know you are going to be hiring a skip and that once you have filled it with your waste, and if there is space, they can use it to dispose of their waste. Give them a time frame as to when that will be possible and it will keep everyone happy.

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