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5 Things We Should All Be Recycling, But Most Of Us Don’t

5 Things We Should All Be Recycling, But Most Of Us Don’t | United Junk

Every day more and more items are being thrown away that are very capable of being recycled. The vast majority of people understand what can and what cant be recycled but there is always a vague blurred line where people are indifferent or simply do not know. Whilst most of us have seemed to move with the times and make sure that we are moving towards a greener future there are a few items that we would like to address that can easily be recycled.

Garden Waste 

Nearly every council in the UK will accept “Green waste” or garden waste. This includes hedge trimming, grass shavings, tree branches, weeds and any natural occurring green waste. This can be broken down and reused for a massive variety of purposes ranging from but not limited to agricultural and land reclamation. 

Plastic Bags

When we talk about recycling plastic bags we are not referring to the conventional method (although this is still a worthwhile method) we are referring to the practice of reusing old shopping/carrier bags that you have picked up from every shop in the UK... We know about your bag drawer…your secret is safe with us. A better method would be to reuse the bags and never pick any more up to avoid the influx of plastics. 


Over our lifespan we change shape too many times to count. We get taller then shorter, we get wider then thinner and despite these changes we still throw out clothes rather than repurpose them. An example of repurposing clothes would be donating them to charity shops. Or even handing them to friends and family that may benefit from your donation also. 

Mobile Phones

Every year a new phone from a big company comes out with the avid followers having to have the latest model. That makes a massive portion of people that will have no use for their old mobile. There are programs out there that actually PAY YOU! For your old phones, so why not look into making sure that the phones you leave behind actually get used for as long as possible before being wasted. 

Light Bulbs 

There are dedicated areas in most tips to house your old light bulbs and batteries, they can be recycled despite how they seem. If you are ever confused about the possibility it is always worth checking the box for the relevant information in regards to this. 

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